So please stop the war!

Please stop the war!
Belarus, Ukraine and Russia, the land of our beloved children.
Protecting Chernobyl’s Foster Children from War
Because we love our grown-up foster children and their families.
We don’t want them to become soldiers.
We don’t want them to be victims of atomic bombs.
We only want them to smile.
All peoples have the power to live in a peaceful earth.

Thirty years ago (1994), I went to Belarus for Chernobyl relief.
At that time, Germany was playing a major role in the Chernobyl relief effort.
However, in Belarus, people still talked about the damage caused by the war and could not hide their anger towards the Germans.
However, I think they showed leadership in the relief efforts for the Chernobyl disaster by foreign aid groups.
Now, I no longer hear bad things about the Germans. I often hear people say that Germans are their dearest friends.
War is about killing each other.
In an instant, it can shatter a friendship that has been cultivated.
The nuclear arms race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union brought a lot of secrets to the nation.
These secrets may have triggered the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
Warm friendships across borders, families, children growing up and becoming parents again. Vegetables growing in the garden, animals. The laughter of children. Old people watching over them.
Such seemingly modest happiness is much more intense. The same is true for the people of Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia.
Isn’t this what humanity has learned from the Chernobyl nuclear accident?
In Japan, even though the war is over, there are still many people with scars. There are still lawsuits going on for the damage caused by the atomic bombing.
It has been 77 years.
War is the most foolish of all human acts.
At that time, the Japanese people thought that they could fight even if all the people died.
They didn’t even think about how meaningless the operation was.
War is
Since it is caused by human beings, it can be stopped by human beings.
The politicians who hold the G7 summits all the time have the responsibility and the ability to stop wars.
Instead of waging war to stop war, please stop war through discussion.
We are talking about a war between countries that have nuclear weapons facing each other.
Why don’t you join the Nuclear Weapons Convention?
We don’t need war on earth. We don’t need nuclear weapons anymore.
Our foundation wants to protect the people of the former Soviet Union.
We don’t know the difference between the people of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.
Because all the people we met were warm people and loved their families.
Even the so-called mafia people showed us courtesy by saying, “Thank you for inviting our children to the retreat.
We don’t want my foster children to see their parents, family, and friends get sick or die again.
Who will carry the medicine for them this time?

The Bombed Mary, which was exposed to radiation in Ngasaki, was hidden in Hokkaido for 30 years(as a result)..
That’s why the statue is still there.
In 2000, I visited a church in Minsk, Belarus.
We comforted and prayed with the people suffering from the Chernobyl accident.
Are you a person who kills? Are you a person who helps?Are you a person who loves humanity?
Will you please raise your voice to the world to stop war?
Right now, humanity is standing on a line that must not be crossed any further.
A world of love and peace for our children.

Urakami Cathedral in Nagasaki
The statue of the Virgin burned by the flash of light
Photo: U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey
「Record of the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki」